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January 1 - February 1, 2022

An international online self portrait photo art exhibition!

For this inaugural open themed online exhibition, we asked self portrait photographic artists what it means to be a creative on fire in their own artistic voice and vision. This online show showcases various photographic styles of 188 photo artists from all over the world!

Photo artists are promoted on the Self Portraits On Fire Online Art Gallery and on Instagram. The exhibition will be archived on the gallery website after the online exhibition run date.

Enjoy the show and feel free to share your works and the works of other photo artists on Instagram by tagging us in your stories: @selfportraits_on_fire

Make sure to also follow us on Instagram to see the promotion of the show, and to not miss out on any future opportunities with the gallery!

Thank you for participating and for being an amazing community of creatives on fire!

The Self Portraits On Fire Team

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