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"No man ever enters the same river twice because the river is never the same, and he is not

the same man" (Heraclitus)

Renée Jeanne Acquaviva, born in Paris, raised in Corsica, currently lives in Geneva, has chosen an extremely significant

stage name: Rinata Shaka. Reborn immediately gives the perception of a deep personal path, of true rebirth, of

abandonment of the previous self to leave room for a more conscious ego. Man by his nature changes, grows, is

transformed. Panta rei, everything flows, the ancient Greeks recited. Nothing was ever true again and the transformation

also includes the human soul. The very essence of the spirit resides in new experiences and inner change is always

accompanied by a more or less perceptible outward change. The messages that our body transmits are important and the

reading of the same gives the measure of our state of mind and our being. Our artist recounts her personal change

through a real newspaper for images of her emotions. By recounting herself she draws the emotions of the whole of

humanity, creating a powerful contact between herself and the viewer, involving him in a path of inner growth difficult,

but effective

As Renée declares, "I have made my face my canvas and the object of an instinctive, sensitive, carnal

exploration of facial expressions" Like Frida Kalho, Rinata began her artistic career as a personal care

diary, as a diary of her physical and psychic pains, and then became an emotional icon. A 360-degree

artist, she also composes the music that accompanies the images of her works, immersing the observer in

an emotional whirlwind from which it is difficult to escape and which she bares, she forces to reflect on

her own pain, to be reborn, like the Arab phoenix, from its own ashes. Through the use of all the senses,

art becomes therapy and man puts an end to survival, to embrace life with greater awareness, to find his

own inner balance and to understand the emotions felt in every situation, accepting them as a natural part

of their growth path.

Art Curator Erika Gravante

Parcours: Parcours


Irédé Eve Oduntan Curatrice

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